There was something new in Bonsai Art of Indonesia. June 23th 2013 was the day that we held the First Bonsai Cultivation Contest. The objectives of the contest are to give appreciation to those who made bonsai trees from cultivation; seedling, cutting, air layering etc. and other technic that is greener to the environment. We also like to share our happiness to Indonesian Bonsai Communities that we just won 2nd place in WBFF bonsai photo contest 2013 that bonsai Casuarina Equisetifolia own by Eddy Sebayang trained by AH Lutfi has been made from air layering 13 year ago and it is not less beautiful than Bonsai contestant from yamadori technic. To encourage our bonsai community to have concern to love the earth and shifted their mind set that we can make good bonsai from trees cultivation and start farming.

Casuarine Equisetifolia

2nd Winner WBFF 2013

The event was held only for one day supported by PPBI Tangerang, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Cilegon, Serang, Sawari Garden, idbonsai, King of tree and many other Bonsai Enthusiast from almost 12 cities participated by 80 Bonsai. Almost 200 people attended the event with Miss Earth from Indonesia Miss Chelsy Liven is also attending this event. The judges are three famous Indonesian Bonsai Master who have big concern with Green World Mr. Budi Sulistyo, Mr Rudi Julianto and Mr. AH Lutfi.

Please enjoy the beauty of bonsai cultivation from Indonesia. Congratulation to All the Winner!

1st Winner Large Juniper Chinensis


1st Winner Medium Premna Microphyla Owner Mr Yudi


2nd winner Large Tamarind Indica Owner Budi Sulistyo


Juniperus Rigida Owner Mr Fahmi


Casuarine Eqisetifolia Owner Mr Yayat Hidayat

anting putri

Wrightia Religiosa

Here is some popular bonsai cultivation technics among Indonesian Bonsais with the man who invented the technic.

Extend the root to the ground. This technic common used for Ficus, Casuarine Equisetifolia species the idea is to make good visible spread root (good nebari) and more tapper trunk. Thanks to Mr. Asep Yayat from Tasikmalaya who invented this technic for the first time. He start doing this technic for Casuarine in 1998.


Extend the root to the ground

Root splitting. This technic is common used for Feronia Lucida and Tamarind Indica. Most of the normal tree doesn’t have good nebari that is the way to make young tree look like old. We split the root until almost get into the trunk to make good nebari so we can have Feronia Lucida with good spread root. Thanks to Mr. Kelik and Mr Raharjo from Surakarta who develop this technic through bonsai community.

Root Splitting Technic

Another useful tips from Mr Budi Sulistyo. This time Mr Budi will share his experience in air layering a big Casuarine Equisetifolia. It is not difficult, use a sharp knife to make parallel space about 1 – 2 cm. Apply some rooting hormone around the wound and wrap it with coconut fibre/ cocopit and mix with lava rock. The moss should be kept moist all the time watering everyday and after about 2 month root will be growing in the moss. If the root filled on the moss carefully cut the layer just underneath the new roots.

Casuarina 1

Casuarina 2

Casuarina 2

Casuarina 3
dari cangkok-sb

Casuarina from air layering

This seems like a good start to make green campaign to our Bonsai community. We hope there will be another similar event in another city.

sahabat linkungan

Bonsai Cultivation Fans

Bonsai Greeting from Indonesia..



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